Start Your Day Off Right!

Open breakfast and lunch, the back outdoor deck is pet friendly. Along with your coffee your four legged friend gets his comp water and treat. There is even a menu of snacks for him or her. Our 80 lb Bernie loves to go here as the servers and the owners who are usually on site make a fuss over her. Everything about Sweet Sage is fun from the brightly painted murals to the fish in the bathroom toilet seat to the hanging planters in the outdoor deck.

Enuf about the charm and warmth...oh did I tell you that just going there will put a smile on your face? The food is wonderful. I would recommend the waffle daffle Its a lovely cooked belgian waffle with fresh fruit and whipped cream. Big enuf to share. We've also had the egg bennie and they were real good to. They aren't slow on the coffee here either. We met friends there for breakfast and Matt our server was right there whenever the cup started to get low. We were there 3 hours and never treated like it was time to go. You gotta go here with or without your for legged friends, it'll start your day off right.