• Thirst Things First

    • Fresh Fruit Smoothie

      Strawberry banana, peach mango or pineapple coconut

    • Flavored Iced Tea & Lemonade

      raspberry, peach or mango

    • Dr. Sage's World Famous "Bloody Mary" and bust developer!

      Formulated to cure les gripes, gabbers, fibers & light tippers. We suggest you eat the celery stalk before it grows thru the ceiling.

    • Mimosa

      Blend of Champagne & OJ (tangerine juice when in season)

    • Sangria

      Key West Recipe

    • P.M.S.

      Peach Mango Sangria

    • Pina Colada

      Best you've ever had

    • Traditional Margarita

    • "I'm Just a Wine Man for the County"

      Wine Selections

    • "Strawberry Alarm Clock"

      Strawberry Daiquiri

    • "Espresso Yourself"

      Blend of Espresso & Chocolate Milkshake

    • "Climb Every Mounds Bar"

      Coconut, Chocolate Milk & Ice Cream

    • The "Last Mango in Paris"

      Mango Margarita

    • Beer

      Special Selection by the "Brews Brothers" (domestic and import)

    • Starters

    • Potato Skins

      Topped with cheddar cheese & bacon served with sour cream

    • Salads

    • Small House Salad

      Baby greens, veggies and homemade raspberry dressing

    • Chicken Caesar Salad

      Grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, gorgonzola cheese, bacon and Caesar dressing

    • Fried Chicken Salad

      Baby greens, with chicken strips, hard boiled eggs, veggies, tortilla chips & honey mustard dressing

    • Salmon Salad

      Our Mediterranean salad with hummus, salmon buds dipped in cracked pepper, tomato & cucumber

    • Stuffed Tomato

      Vine ripe tomato stuff with choice of egg, tuna, seafood or chicken salad (chicken salad contains pecans) tortilla strips & fruit

    • Mediterranean Salad

      Baby greens, garbanzo beans, black olives, feta cheese, tomato, cucumber, basil, raisins & tortilla strips

    • Triple Play Salad

      Choice of: egg, seafood, tuna or chicken salad (chicken salad contains pecans) plus cottage cheese & our raspberry bleu cheese coleslaw

    • Sweet Sage Salad

      Baby greens, choice of egg, seafood, tuna or chicken salad (chicken salad contains pecans), raspberry dressing, tortilla strips & fresh fruit

    • Sandwiches

    • Special Seafood, Tuna, Egg or Chicken Salad (contains pecans) Sandwich

      Choice of Seafood, Egg, Tuna or Chicken Salad (chicken salad contains pecans) Served with garlic mayo, tortilla strips, romaine lettuce & veggies

    • Seabird Special

      Cup of soup or baby greens salad & half of any above sandwich or bruschetta

    • Bacon Lettuce & Tomato

      Spread with garlic mayo

    • Swiss Hammer

      Shaved ham topped with Swiss cheese on a croissant

    • French Dip

      Sliced roast beef mounded on croissant served with au jus

    • Cheese & Tomato Melt

      Basil, bacon, tomato, cheese and garlic mayo

    • Chicken BLT

      Chicken, bleu cheese dressing, bacon, romaine and tomato

    • California Chicken Sandwich

      Chicken breast, guacamole, lettuce & tomato

    • Southern B.E.L.T.

      Bacon, egg (creamy scrambled), lettuce & tomato on croissant

    • Turkey or Roast Beef Club

      Lettuce, tomato, bacon, American cheese & garlic mayo

    • "Ike & Tina" Tuna

      Open faced tuna salad sandwich smothered in Swiss cheese, grilled (note: we serve only the finest quality of White Albacore tuna)

    • Grilled Roast Beef Sandwich

      Sliced tomato, white American cheese & horseradish sauce

    • Turkey Breast Sandwich

      Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, white American cheese, tortilla strips, garlic mayo & raspberry sauce

    • Steak Burgers - "Outstanding burgers cooked to your taste buds"

    • Classic Burger

      Choice of cheese

    • Bacon Burger

      Bacon & choice of cheese

    • Mushroom Burger

      Mushroom & choice of cheese

    • Sage Burger

      Mushroom, bacon & choice of cheese

    • Wraps

    • Fried Chicken

      Baby greens, tomato, cucumber, honey mustard & tortilla strips

    • Seafood Combo

      Seafood salad, cheddar cheese, baby greens, tomato, cucumber & tortilla chips

    • High Energy

      Spicy grilled chicken, hummus, romaine lettuce, cucumber, tomato & tortilla chips

    • Mediterranean

      Garbanzo beans, black olives, feta cheese, baby greens, tomato, cucumber & tortilla strips

    • Turkey

      Shaved turkey, baby greens, tomato, cucumber, white American cheese, tortilla strips & raspberry sauce

    • Additional Lunch Items

    • Skinny Dip

      Potato skins stuffed with roast beef, smothered in cheddar cheese. Served with salad.

    • Grilled Portabella

      Open faced sandwich with sautéed peppers, basil & feta cheese. Served with salad.

    • Stuffed Chicken Breast

      Stuffed with sautéed onions, mushrooms, peppers & parmesan cheese. Served with salad.

    • Grilled Chicken Estrada Melt

      Chicken breast, sautéed onions, garlic mayo, spinach and artichoke sauce & white American cheese. Served with salad.

    • Tasty Crab Cakes

      Served with salad

    • Fried Chicken Luncheon (Petite or Standard)

      Topped with hollandaise sauce & capers, served with our raspberry bleu cheese coleslaw

    • Homemade Bruschetta

      Vine ripe tomatoes, basil, garlic, olive oil, cream cheese & parmesan on wheat toast

    • Kids

    • Petite French Toast or Belgian Waffles, bacon or sausage & strawberries

    • Scrambled Eggs, bacon, ham or sausage & bread choice

    • Grilled Cheese

    • Peanut Butter & Jelly

    • Hamburger

    • Grilled Ham & Cheese

    • Specialty Coffee Drinks - "Please Caffeinate Responsibly"

    • Espresso

    • Café Latté

    • Café Breve

    • Cappuccino

    • Café Mocha

    • Hot Chocolate

    • Café con Leche

    • Iced Café Latté

    • Café Macchiato

    • Café Americano

    • Mochachino Cooler

    • Espresso Con Panna

    • Chai Tea (Hot or Iced)

    • Irish Cappuccino (contains alcohol)

    • Desserts

    • Pina Colada Cake

    • Toasted Almond Cake

    • Brownie Ice Cream Sundae