Doggie Dishes

    • Canine Cuisine

    • "French Poodle"


    • "Bowser"

      Biscuit & gravy

    • "Three Dog Night"

      Three (3) "Beggin" strips

    • "Wake Up Little Shih Tzu"

      Creamy scrambled eggs

    • "These Paws are Made for Walking"

      Toast with peanut butter

    • "Can't Take My Paws Off of You"

      Ham or turkey

    • "Snoopie" soufflĂ©

      Scrambled with cheese

    • Belgian "Woof Hound"


    • "Beagle"

      Bagel with cream cheese & salmon

    • "Mutt" Loaf

      4 oz. steak ala ground

    • "Who Cut the Cheese"

      The dog of course! One (1) choice of cheese

    • Boneless Chicken Breast

      4 oz. boneless chicken breast

    • "Cold Nose"

      Yogurt with "whippet" cream

    • "Paws" for Water

      Tap (free) or bottled